InstaMoms & Instafamous

July 27, 2018


There are moms on Instagram, and then there are Moms on Instagram.  You know what I mean . You're either one or the other:

1) The mom with the pretty feed, sponsorship, tons of followers and different companies sending you products to be ambassadors of their brand, or 

2) the mom that either post privately to friends and family or are trying to work up your following.


When I started my page, @rugrats_on_oils, I had no idea the pressure, desire and longing I would feel to be one of the moms that people paid attention to. I think I envisioned having 10k followers in a matter of a couple of months, and writing profound things that would go viral.  Writing things on IG, and taking pictures that were "pretty" to Instamoms standards, came to feel more like peer pressure than it was fun.  It was like a full time job trying to learn and figure out algorithms and filters, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Not only was there all that, but I was intimidated to "follow", message, or even make comments to other mother's based off their following and instaworld stardom.  


I began yelling at my kids if they wouldn't pose for a picture correctly, and not living in the moment. It sucked- it really did.  What 2.5 and 1 year old do you know that knows what, "tilt your head a little to the right" even means? I started doing specific affirmation work with my oils around authenticity to self.  After a couple weeks, it hit me like a ton of bricks that at the end of the day I was making a mountain out of a mole hill.  My need to be "followed" by those 10k followers no longer mattered.  What my feed looked like would be inspired by what I felt and wanted to create that day, not because I was hoping for some strangers' approval with a push of a heart.  Essentially, my goal became to make my IG something I could look back, read, smile at, and take a trip down memory lane with, much like an electronic journal, versus a standard I had to live up to in order to fit in with the popular mama's of Instaworld. 


Once I had grounding and my authentic self in line with my own standards, I was given a chance to correct my prejudgements of these Instafamous moms.  I have come to wonder why was I ever intimidated by them?  Turns out that mothers that have a 30k following, 10k following, or a following of 200 all share commonalities and are humans looking to exchange compassion and empathy in all subjects that surround motherhood and personal struggles.  There are actually moms in this Instaworld that I consider friends, and we've never even met!  We have even exchanged cell phone numbers. Who would have ever thought? Mom support and mom friends on Instagram.  It seems so weird.  Kind of like how online dating used to seem ten years ago.  But guess what? Online dating is pretty normal now.  Heck, that's how I met Jon.  I think meeting and gaining mom friends through IG might become a new norm as well. 

My takeaway from all this, is that it's easy to get lost in the pressure of social media, even as a 31 year old woman.  Much like high school, Instaworld made me feel like I needed to fit in, and have a lot of friends in order to be "cool" and "liked".  However, reality is, as always, that you attract people into your life that are supposed and meant to be there, and these people/women will love you for you, despite your filter, followers, or likes.  


Blessings & Health,



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