The Fun World of Eczema Lotions & Finding One That Works

June 9, 2018



In my quest on this holistic health journey we are on, I decided to research deeper than the top 20 sites that google had to offer. I went to my Oily community, and Heidi Ross, a very educated woman on holistic health, advised me that the key to getting rid of eczema starts with the gut.  The gut needs to be healthy, and the eczema will heal itself.  OK, cool, but what the fuck does that even mean?  


The info out there in internet land on gut health is wild, to say the least.  I actually prefer to let my friends do the research on this mind blowing topic, and dumb it down for me.  So, I took Heidi's advice.  We got our boys started on Life9 probiotic, and eczema disappeared over the course of six months.  We still use maintenance (lotion).  We have an amazing Aloe lotion my mom picked up at a Costco roadshow (also available on Amazon), and simple Lavender and coconut oil does wonders as well.   But prior to the probiotic, these lotions were just a mask to the root of the problem.  

If ya'll are experiencing eczema, research and explore gut health, or reach out to me and I can shed more light on our experience and another good probiotic I like. The more you know. 

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