J.C. Applesauce

November 10, 2019

J.C.’s Apple Sauce



So, when I put out the question on my IG stories, “do you want me to share the recipe?”, I was feeling motivated.  In that moment, I had forgotten I also have a 2 and 3-year-old, in addition to a breastfed baby to take care of.  I also didn’t think people would vote, “yes”, but y’all did- so now I’m committed.  Jon did all the applesauce baking, and canning, and we all hung out in the kitchen with him while he did (and is still doing).  #yayForFamilyFun


Towards the beginning of fall every year, we wait for our local fruit stands to have their “last day” of the season, and we buy big boxes of the fruit we want to can for about half the price. For this reason, we always save our mason jars, and the mason jar rings to re-can. 

We started doing canning our fruits because Jon was wanting simpler meal sides to give the kids, such as applesauce.  We also started doing it to get their digestive systems moving as we potty trained.  However, I didn’t want to buy the apple sauce full of sugars, and this is the conclusion we came to.  It  also ends up being more cost effective as the years go by because you already have the supplies and know to wait until the end of summer to buy your fruits to sauce for the year.  Okay here’s my attempt at sharing with you all. 


First of all: wash your damn fruit! I never used to do this because my mentality was that what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.  Shake my head.  WELL, with your produce guess what?  Whatever chemicals and pesticides (yes even organic) don’t kill you, kills you slowly.  We use Thieves, and it’s cray-cray how dirty the sink is afterwards. I should have taken a photo for you all!



  • Apples

  • Pears

  • Rhubarb

  • (You can choose any fruit that you want to make into a flavorful sauce, really).



  • Vitality Oils:

  • Cinnamon

  • Ginger

  • Lemon




Things to keep in mind. We followed this conversion chart for our EOs.  “TS” means toothpick swirl, where you put the toothpick in the EO and then swirl it into your food.  Jon and I put TWO drops of Cinnamon Bark in to about a gallon of apple sauce and it was TOO much. My suggestion to you is to play around with what works for you, starting slow, and add as needed with all your Vitality oils. 




Super easy process:


Quarter your apples (and desired fruit) and boil them until soft. You can google this if you’re more technical than me. I’m not a food or recipe blogger and I don’t want to pretend to be.  Boiling time will vary dependent upon the size of your pot and how many apples you put in.

You’re going to do this with all your fruit (in our instance the apples, pears and rhubarb), so it’s soft enough to go through the strainer.


Next, you’re going to put them through what we call the strainer.  You can see it connected to the Kitchen Aid, so there’s your visual, in case we are calling it something it’s not. It is strained into the bowl below, and this is where you will add your vitality oils.  Remember, don’t get carried away, 2 drops can be the equivalent of a whole TABLESPOON.   

This is also where you will mix in the strained rhubarb with apple sauce, or the pears with apple sauce. 


Finally, you CAN.  So, we were totally going to can in the pressure cooker, until I looked it up and saw that the USDA doesn’t recommend it.  Making applesauce is a lengthy process, and we weren’t going through it just to have all our applesauce go bad- therefore, went old school with canning in boiling water, which you can also google how to do! J I know, I’m so much help- ha-ha!


I would LOVE to know what apple sauce mixtures you guys decide to make (after you’ve tried them and tell me if they’re good or not), so we can try them next year!


OH-oh, and a good blend to diffuse while you’re canning in the kitchen:

4 drops Cardamom, 5 drops Tangerine, 8 Nutmeg, 2 Cinnamon.  It’s heavenly, grounding, and makes for some warm memories with the family in combo with the smell of apples!!


If you'd ever like to know more about oils, feel free to reach out to the person that sent you this article, or email me ! Or follow me on instagram @rugrats_on_oils or Functioning with Rugrats on Facebook <3 


Happy Canning!!! 

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