Big Emotions & Changes for Toddlers

June 6, 2019




Toddlers and Emotions.

Toddlers are full of big feelings.
Feelings they don’t know how to express.
Feelings they don’t understand.
Feelings about feeling why they’re feeling the feelings they don’t understand.
And the feelings that envelope their whole body without the skills to process, accept and communicate- that tantrums form.

Bigger emotions come with big events that happen in their lives. In my experience, this has been bringing home a new baby. We are bringing home our third child in the next few weeks. Hawk (my oldest) did terrible processing this when we brought home his brother, Scout. I’m talking TERRIBLE. An experience I wouldn’t wish on any mother. Obviously, it’s our job as parents to teach him about these feelings- but we had no idea what we were doing. Hindsight is beautiful. 

Collectively, as a family, we have been talking to Hawk and Scout about the changes that are going to be occurring in the family dynamic with the arrival of his little sister.
Things such as bedtime looking differently, having to be gentle around mom and baby, and mommy not being able to cuddle in bed all night long (I’m having a C-section).
So, although Hawk seems super excited for his sister now (he did for Scout too), he’s started to randomly state random things like, “I don’t want her to come out of your belly”, “I don’t want to play with her or help with diapers”, “I don’t want to be big”. 😫
So, of course I’m thinking, “here we go again”.
The other day, Hawk woke up “sick”. He truly had a slight fever, slept WAY more than usual, was super low key, and cuddly. It didn’t occur to me until my friend Heidi commented on my FB picture and post of him, “oh someone knows big changes are coming. Use your feelings kit. Plus, tonight is a new moon”, that his emotions were causing allnof this!
Ding ding ding. 🔔 What Heidi mentioned made TOTAL sense. This little empath of mine has always been affected by the moon (I’m never in practice of knowing the moon cycles), AND he’s a very emotional being, hyper aware and wears his heart on his sleeve.
Two years ago when I started my oil work, I would have been skeptical and laughed at Heidi’s comment- maybe like you are now, but hearing her say this felt more to me like, “why didn’t I think of that already?!”
So, last night I whipped out the feelings kit. We diffused and applied topically, he slept through the night and was good as new the next day. Now, protocol will be individual and unique to your child based off your mama-intuition. Here’s what we did:  

We applied Release oil over his liver, where we can hold trauma, memories and anger. Perhaps my child was having subconscious memories come up for him from  our previous child- and was feeling anxious about how we handled it. Afterall, mom and dad did leave for three days, and it wasn’t planned since Scout came early.

I put valor on his spine to stimulate confidence and told him how much I loved him. We did our affirmations with this “blue oil”, and said, “I am loved, I am worthy”.


I diffused Inner Child that night to stimulate memories of these last two years we have had WITH brother and mom and dad, in hopes of him feeling the warmth and love.


We did this two nights in a row, and he’s slept soundly. Interesting huh? 


Also in the kit is Harmony, to create an overall sense of well being. Forgiveness for letting go and moving on. And Present Time for emotional release, presently.


I’m still exploring this kit with my kids. I’ve used it only in myself, but I absolutely love having these oils as an emotional tool for the kids thus far.  I’m beginning to think this kit was really made for toddlers and us mothers!! 😘

But for real, it’s been super beneficial in my own recovery with addiction and I can see it being helpful in trauma work.

Definitely recommend it, feel free to get a hold of me if you have any questions!



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