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January 24, 2019


If you're into the world of natural alternatives, holistic living, and/or chemical free or toxin-free lifestyle than you have likely heard of Young Living Essential Oils.  If you haven't, well here's your briefing:  Young Living is a Lifestyle company that allows you to live a life without the anxiety of second guessing every ingredient due to their seed to seal promise.  YL offers make-up, oils, supplements, and cleaning products.  They really are a one stop shop, and provide the opportunity for its members to save up to 25%-off in money back with each monthly order.  I mean, if I can buy toothpaste, oils, make-up and laundry detergent and get 25% back- I'm going to, it's pretty logical.  That's your briefing ;) . If you have more questions feel free to shoot me an email


Moving on to the point of this ramble!  Young Living has recently come out with a NEW starter kit that is mind blowing.  Now, if you're new to oils, you probably don't see the value- you're only looking at the fact that the starter kit has gone up in monetary value by $5. from $160 to $165.  That's fair.  I probably would have thought the same thing just starting out, as I had no idea if these little bottles would actually work like people say the did.   So, that being said- if you're craving another, more natural way of living, if you want better for your family and you, you'll make the leap and trust, just like I did, that these bottles are worth the price tag.   AND if at a later date, you don't find yourself seeing the value in the kit, I welcome you to email me again (although if you're on my team we'll be chatting frequently), and we'll talk more about it.


 Prior to 2019, Young Living offered a diffuser, 11 oils, 2 Ningxia, 1 Household cleaner, a rollertop, and some 2.5ml bottles for your oils- a $350 value for $160.  This kit was how I started, knowing NOTHING about oils.  This kit is purposely put together to provide newcomers "The Basic Ingredients" of the kitchen, to the oil world.  Just like salt, pepper, flour and sugar are needed in your kitchen for the basics, these 11 oils are your basics for any ailment you may stumble upon.  You know that phrase, "there's an oil for that?"  THAT is the 2018 Premium Starter Kit.  


Well, in 2019 Young Living has gotten jiggy with it.  They now have decided to add two oils to the mix, that happen to be in my TOP 5 of all of the oils YL has to offer: Peace and Calming, and Valor.  In addition, YL is adding a hand sanitizer and two rollerballs!  But the words you just read are not enough to explain my excitement for this kit.  These two oils aren't just "extra oils" for the kit.  These two oils are like adding Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar to your Ingredient Kit.  They both add flavor and smoothness to your life.  Not only can you use these oils for emotional work or affirmations and oils, but they are easily some of the best smelling oils of the the whole YL oil collection. 


You know I'm a big proponent and advocate of teaching my children to recognize and value their emotions.  The affirmation and oil work I do with them are stepping stones in making sure that when they are grown, and are in stressful situations or crisis, that there's never a doubt in their mind that they loved or worthy. I'm instilling coping mechanisms in them, so that I can do everything in my power to make sure that they never have to turn to drugs or alcohol like I did.  So perhaps these two oils added to the kit have me excited because it's personal.  Or perhaps they have me excited because I know the even GREATER value the kit can now bring to your family with the two oils added.  Either way, if you haven't jumped on this oil train for all the benefits it can provide your family, you need to now.  My only regret is I didn't start sooner.  In knowing better, I do better, and my family's life has changed for the better because of it. 


I'm more than happy to help you get started today by clicking here.  You'll get my help through every step of your journey so long as you'll allow me. 

Otherwise, please reach out the the person helping you with Young Living oils, or whomever showed you this blog post.  


Blessings and health,


Bethany Jury


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