5 Prime Day Wellness Picks

July 17, 2018

I thought these were pretty rad to grab!! 


1. I know a lot of ya'll aren't super picky about water.  Here in the PNW we don't really have to be, or think we have to be anyway, because it tastes SUPERB.  I like the idea of this filtered straw, though. For traveling and emergency situations! 




Blendtec- $199.00

Ninja- $49.99 

3. Activated Charcoal.  I've been thinking of using Wellness Mama Kate's recipe for teeth whitening with the activated charcoal.  There are also a lot of homemade facewashes and face masks that use activated charcoal.  Code WELPRIME at checkout. 


 5. I haven't been a fan of fitbits in the past but for $60-off I might give this a try.  I like the extra motivation to work out on my wrist! $89.99



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