5 Summer Go-to's to Go-out

July 10, 2018

I've gotten a little braver these last three months, at going out and socializing.  Not only that, but doing it with two kids.  Before my affirmation work, my anxiety about socializing with other moms and women would go to an extreme place in my head: She is weird. She's too strict.  She lets them eat off of the ground? Does she know that shirt doesn't compliment her belly? Omg, she brought up oils again.  etc...  I was basically at a constant war with myself of whether or not I could be authentic and genuine in my actions or if I had and needed to be someone I wasn't to appease other moms so I had "friends.  T'was EXHAUSTING.  

I'm 98% not in that place with myself anymore, so long as I keep my affirmations constant.  Now, I get to worry about the good/normal stuff moms should worry about such as: HOW DO I MAKE GOING OUT WITH KIDS EASIEST ON ME?



Here are my Top 5 Items that I always take with me and my two boys (1 and 2.5years old):  


1.  The double stroller.  I use the stroller as a tool for safety.  I can strap one kid in and chase after the other, throw them both in if we are somewhere busy, like the parking lot or mall, but further more, I use the stroller as a place for time-out.  I like to stay consistent with my toddler(s) as possible.  I enforce a lot of the same rules outside the home, that I do inside the home, if not more-so.  This mama means business, Yo.  

We like the City Select for the many different ways the seats can be arranged, as well as the ability to tilt the seat back for nap time.  It can go through regular door ways, and it's compact and light enough that I can fold it up and get it in the trunk on my own.  Only regret about this stroller, was not putting it on the registry for my first baby so the family could grow with the family. There's even a third standing pad, if you have three. We got our's off FB Marketplace!


2. A thermal. I love a thermal to keep my snacks/drinks cold, and to throw wet clothes in after potty accidents or the splash pad, messy lunches, or art projects that involve paint.  With kids you can't really predict what's going to happen, but I can typically count on some sort of mess I need to contain and bring home.  Whether that's poop, piss, paint, or spaghetti sauce completely depends.  I like the Cool Clip Thermal. I'm one of those women that would rather throw something away than clean it up, so I absolutely LOVE that this thermal is machine washable! 


3.  Bandaids and ointment or cleaner. Self explanatory.  If it's not the boys that get an owie, it's me.  With owies come frantic feelings and urgency.  Nothing leaves me more confident watching my kids on the playground, or climbing rocks, than knowing that I have my Owie oil and Bandaids in my purse. 


4.  Water bottles.  I never leave without water bottles anymore.  Water is LIFE.  We like the Klean Kanteen or Contigo (both dishwasher safe--> I got you).  


5. Last but not least, MY ADVENTURE BLANKET.  Handmade by fellow business woman!  This blanket is customizable (hence our obnoxious Sounder's Pride), machine washable, and WATERPROOF.  Yep, a poler fleece on one side and rip stop on the other - the kind of fabric used in outdoor gear.  Yes, there is one similar available yearly at Costco but I get extreme satisfaction out of its durable use knowing love went into making the blanket, I supported another mother, whom in turn can help support her family, and I'm all about women empowering women!  It turns out the mama I bought mine from doesn't have her Etsy shop anymore, so I did some researching for something similar and really like this lovely mama! You can check out her Etsy shop.  She's also on IG @poppiezloveportland 


These five are of course, unique to my experience as a mother, but maybe they can help you! 


Be Well, friends. 




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