Loving Yourself- back to the basic affirmations. ❤️

June 23, 2018


I want to start this post off with a little experiment. 

Name 5 things you can confidently say you like about yourself. 

Ask your child, five things he or she likes about his or herself.



If you're like me, you couldn't with 100% confidence, name those 5 things about yourself that you like, but your child could.  Why is that!?  Why do we have such a hard time loving on ourselves?? 

Switching gears, bear with me. 


I was browsing books at Costco yesterday. Usually I don’t buy any, but there’s something about your kid loving books that makes it kind of hard not to.

I found, I Like Myself, written by Karen Beaumont.  I didn’t read the inside, because I was sold by the title. What kid, scratch that, what HUMAN, doesn’t need a book with this title? 

Fast forward to bedtime last night, and this was one of the three books that we read, and I realized in reading it that this book made its' way into my cart because it served a purpose for the WHOLE family- me included.  (I believe in stuff like that, things happening and working out for a reason, Hello God- I see you).  


As a child, there's nothing about ourselves we don't like.  We don't know any better other than to love ourselves.  Somewhere along the way, that's stripped of us and we become our biggest critiques.  

This month, and through the month of July, I am going to take it back to the basics.  This board book has affirmations I can work on monthly, for the whole year and more.  I can help myself and my child develop the love for myself and themselves, that we need to survive the day to day, night to night, in this brutal but beautiful world.  







In a previous blog post, I talked about Hawk and I doing affirmations on his belly with oils, and me working on affirmations with myself.  Last night we chose our bedtime oil and did our affirmations together, and then we read this book.  Moving forward, I'm going to do one affirmation from this book with our favorite oil, Peace and Calming.  HOW FRICKEN COOL, that when he catches a whiff of this smell throughout his life, that there's the possibility he will flash back to a time doing affirmations on loving himself with his mom on the bathroom floor.  The brain is so powerful.  


We may switch up oils, depending on what his emotional needs will be but my number one #momgoal with this, is that when my children become adults, if they are ever asked the question I started this blog post out with, Name 5 Things You Like About Yourself, that they will be able to name TEN PLUS that they LOVE about themselves!! 


Happy Day.


Book Link: https://amzn.to/2K31x8z (This is my affiliated link with Amazon).


If you'd like more on oils, feel free to message me- I can talk for days on these and I don't want the topic of oils to hijack the importance of this post. 

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