Just Another Day in Paradise

June 11, 2018


Look up that full song, sang by Phil Vassar, a country musician. I remember hearing it in high school, and I couldn’t WAIT for that crazy life.  I laugh at me now. While I love it, I kind of envisioned my life with two under two like that song and welllllllp it isn’t! Haha. I don’t have that sparky, good, grateful for the mishaps and sour milk attitude.... at least not while I’m in the thick of it with little humans handing me their boogers and needing me to wipe their butts. And scratch the noise of two under two being difficult. Do you see that photo? WE ARE SITTING DOWN. Two under two is a fuckin breeze in comparison to the two under three shit show! And my youngest turns ONE at the end of this month. That means I will have TWO toddlers. WHAT THE F-WORD were Jon and I thinking? Toddlerhood has AMAZING moments. But in between those moments something evil posses the child and I have no idea how to communicate or reason with it. In fact, I have to tell myself, “this is not your sweet boy acting this way, it is the toddler-hijacker here to make your life complicated.”  Yes, yes, they’re little once, and all that noise. Switch places with me for a week every month, and I’ll send you home not reminding me that ever again. 


Happy Monday all. 

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