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June 24, 2018


I get this question a lot:  "Why are you paying for the most expensive oils out there?" Followed by, "the reason YL oils cost so much is because they are an MLM company" . This isn't true.  Let me tell you why.  


YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.  Let me say it again, "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR"!!! Comparing Young Living's (YLs) oils to store bought oils is like comparing McDonald's Cheeseburgers to a Steakhouse Cheeseburger.  YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.


Why some credible oils out there "work" you end up using more of that oil to get the same therapeutic value YL's would have given you with less drops. Therefore you end up buying more bottles because you run out quicker.


A lot of you know, I started out with another oil company. I was desperate for Hawk to sleep and with a newborn, as well as the big brother adjustment period- things were rough. I mean, this kid would fight sleep until he was literally falling asleep in his food (I have many videos to prove this).  


Well, chemicals, fragrance, all of those things I’m so strict on now, were super new to me.  I didn't know that fragrance was a chemical.Let me define fragrance for you and what fragrance in an ingredient means.  From Think Dirty, Fragrance is:  


"An ingredient listed on a product label as “fragrance” may be composed of dozens of different synthetic chemical compounds, none of which are specifically identified on the label or the manufacturer’s website. Further, even products labeled 'fragrance free' have been shown to contain fragrance ingredients, typically due to the use of these compounds as preservatives or as agents to mask the odors of other chemicals in the product.1 Yet fragrance is the most common cause of contact dermatitis associated with personal care products.2 Even more alarmingly, chemical analyses of cosmetics and personal care products containing undisclosed “fragrance” ingredients have identified known allergens, asthma triggers, allergens, sensitizers, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens and neurotoxins.3,4,5"


I underlined and bold texted the last four words in that paragraph. Do you know what those are?? See photo from Think Dirty below: 


That's right, believe your eyes. They are tumor promoters, linked to breast cancer, can cause blindness, mess with fertility and male reproduction, the list goes on!! We put these things on our children! Why? Because we trust that products in the United States wouldn't be sold to us if they were harmful.  What a wonderful world that would be, because that just isn't the case anymore, friends. 


So, in finding out all this information, I started thinking on what the heck was in the oils I was using and what oil company I had chosen.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I wanted to start incorporating oils on my newborn (sorry first child) that something clicked in this mama-brain of mine and told me to RESEARCH the sourcing of the oils I was using. 

While a lot of companies had vague answers, like “trusted source”, NO other company had as much detail about where their distillation process and EXACT answers as YL did (check, OR click on seed to seal photo).  Heck, I can even go visit a farm and question the sourcing myself (totally on my bucket list). I did this research all on my own accord.  It didn't happened with the help or persuasion of any distributor. In fact, I wanted so badly to stay with the company I was using, as the blend I used on my toddler to help get to sleep, I loved SO much- but there wasn’t enough information me to feel 100% comfortable as a mother knowing what I now knew about fragrance and chemicals.  I don't want products that could potentially have longterm affects for my kids.  Not willingly.  Know better, do better.  That's the name of the game I incorporate into my life now.  


So the REASON I only use Young Living, really came down to my kids. Being a mom is TOUGH. I don’t need to be second guessing that a mysterious rash on my child’s big toe, had anything to do with the lavender I had put behind his ears.  I'm being a bit humorous here, but seriously.  In order for an essential oil to be qualified as organic in the USA it only has to have a certain percentage of Essential Oils in it. The rest can be fragrance (which we now know is not just fragrance and even distilled trash water.  YL actually tests their harvest every step of the way, and if it doesn’t meet peak qualifications they don’t seal and sell it.  


Straight from the FDA website: "There is no regulatory definition for “essential oils,” although people commonly use the term to refer to certain oils extracted from plants. The law treats Ingredients from plants the same as those from any other source. For example, “essential oils” are commonly used in so-called “aromatherapy” products. If an “aromatherapy” product is intended to treat or prevent disease, or to affect the structure or function of the body, it’s a drug.".






On top of the oils YL offers, the offer a whole health line of products. I get my calcium, enzymes, face wash, sunscreen, insect repellant, make-up, household cleaner, probiotics, and make up all from YL.  How do I do this?  Well, when you're a member of YL you pay WHOLESALE prices.  On top of that, they give you 10% money back the first three months, 20% back months 4-12, and 13+ months you receive 25% back.  It's legit AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION meets COSTCO meets CASH BACK card.  A one stop shop for all things wellness and I don't even have to leave my house. One cool thing about the subscription, is you can play with the monthly date it is processed.  I set mine to the end each month.  This way, I'm not buying something JUST to buy something.  There's always some oil, or some wellness product I run out of that I can pop on to the ER order.  I take care of getting my make-up, laundry detergent, house needs, the kids shampoo, body-wash and toothpaste with my rewards.    It's pretty awesome.  The requirement for membership is $50 spent a year, and you can cash out on your rewards and cancel your ER at anytime.  If that isn't the definition of badass wellness company, I don't know what is.  


Anyway, I hope this was informative.  I feel like I get a lot of judgement about how expensive YL oils are, and how anyone on a budget can't make it work.  But it comes down to a couple of things for me: 1. That's not the case, by budgeting and planning your ER accordingly, you end up saving money.  2. Reach out to an up-line member or myself and ask how to maximize your oil and product use.  3. WHAT IS YOUR HEALTH WORTH TO YOU? What is your kids' health worth to you? What is missing a day of work worth to you?? CAN YOU PUT A PRICE TAG ON YOUR HEALTH? 4. If all that doesn't resonate with you, and you're still filling like you can't make ends meet to buy your oils, do what I did.  Young Living basically allows you to refer someone to their oils, and pays your for it. You refer ONE person, and you get $50.  One person a month, and you have your Essential Rewards paid for.  Perspective. Choose half glass full.  For more info on oils, here's where you sign up: Oily Land














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