About Rugrats On Oils

Momming in sobriety

I'm a mom of two wonderful boys, 19 months apart, and one furbaby!

I had originally started this blog on Facebook back in 2017, to write tidbits here and there because blogging was overwhelming. I quit soon after, because I was judging my own content by its Facebook likes, which defeated the therapeutic value in writing and sharing what I care about with the FB world.

Turns out, staying in my own head with my thoughts was getting dangerous for me and my recovery. I needed to be able to write, vent, and hear feedback from friends- good and bad.

I’m on a quest in discovering the beauty in being perfectly imperfect. A journey of rediscovering my authenticity in recovery from drugs and alcohol. While including and sharing about oils in the journey seems “salesy” to some, bug-off, that’s not what this is about. This is a lifestyle I’ve incorporated with my children and one day hubs to be, in my recovery, and even with our furbaby.

The world of oils, recovery, and motherhood can be quite overwhelming, and my hope is I can help at least person find ease and laughter in one of those areas. Whether you’re looking to allow me to help you start using oils, or just like the reads, you’re in the right place. <3

Haters please find another place to hate! <3



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