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I'm a mama to three beautiful children- Hawk, Scout and Saylor Verity. I've attained my co-occurring counseling master's degree and plan to return to work as a mental health counselor for postpartum mothers, once my children are in grade school. For now, I'm making my living as your oily lady & I'm just here to help you do the best you can on your chemical free, and natural alternatives journey.  It was really overwhelming to me, when I first started with oils, and it doesn't have to be that way.  I love to incorporate oils into my mental health practices, life in addiction recovery, and provide healthy coping mechanisms for my kiddos- in hopes that they don't grow up and turn to alcohol and drugs to cope with things like I did. 


July 17, 2018

I thought these were pretty rad to grab!! 

1. I know a lot of ya'll aren't super picky about water.  Here in the PNW we don't really have to be, or think we have to be anyway, because it tastes SUPERB.  I like the idea of this filtered straw, though. For traveling and e...

July 15, 2018

I'm pretty much an ammature when it comes to all things make up. A year ago, if you would have asked me for a primer recommendation, I would have sent you to the nearest paint store.  However, in researching chemicals in products around the home, as well as our persona...

June 24, 2018

Are you confused about essential oils and how to go chemical free in an affordable fashion?

June 14, 2018

Why you need to think before you slather. 

First of all, let's be honest. In my two years using natural sunscreens, I had yet to find one that I didn't slather on and have someone ask me if I was feeling okay afterwards, because I looked deathly white (ill).  When I fir...

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